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Monocle, October 2016

Monocle, October 2016

That exciting buzz you have been feeling up and down the street recently has reached it's peak: Our lovely D Street is featured in Monocle this month! We are the first piece in their annual Retail Survey, where they highlight several Division Street shopkeepers, including myself, Josephine's, and Little Otsu. We have been photographed, filmed and interviewed, and the results are in beautiful print! It is a well-written and photographed piece, and is well worth a look. Also in this issue: a look into the Dutch people, interviews with 15 mayors worldwide including our own Charlie Hales, and their fashion special. I have a big stack of them, so they should last until you can swing by to grab yours on the way to Imperial for a pint (that's them on the cover!). October 2016, $12.00