Delayed has Arrived: At Last!

Hello Readers!

Delayed Gratification: issue 23, $20.00

Delayed Gratification: issue 23, $20.00

For those of you who I may already have gotten hooked, and for those who will be hooked once you see this thing, I am happy to say that issue 23 of Delayed Gratification has finally arrived! This wonder of modern magazine publishing is a quarterly journal of what they happily call 'Slow Journalism'. Published out of London, they divide the year into four segments, with each issue covering the previous three months, and go back to report on the big international stories that took place during that time. Confused? This issue, the newest, covers the months of April, May and June of 2016. Can you remember what happened? A few of the stories included in this issue: Prince's passing, the Orlando nightclub shooting, the Panama Papers, the Canadian city of Fort McMurray burned, and Brexit. Oh, yeah, and we nominated a couple of presidential candidates.

Alongside the reporting, Delayed gives us epic infographics, including the life of Muhammad Ali, the celebrity tree count, and the movie matrix. 

Delayed Gratification is a particular favorite of mine, and is always eagerly anticipated. Next time you are in the neighborhood, pop by and take a look - they won't last long! 

Delayed Gratification, Quarterly, $20.00

Karin Dibling