The World in Print

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Magazines are a great way to get a glimpse of the wonders in our world. Each publication is a curated collection of sights and people, a window into another culture. My current selection has a bunch of gorgeous and interesting items. Let's take a look at just a few!

The Escapist: A Journal of Places Less Explored

Summer 2016,


This publication is by Monocle. They do a few special editions annually, and the summer edition covers travel, as only Monocle can. They visit a handful of great cities that they feel haven't had the coverage they deserve, diving into the culture, shopping, and neighborhoods to find out what makes them vibrant. This issue the cities include Buffalo NY, Hanoi Vietnam, and Brno in the Czech Republic. Throw in a few interesting essays, some reportage, say on Portugal's navy, and their picks for restaurants and cafes, and you have something interesting on every page. Typical Monocle.

The Collective Quarterly

Issue 4: Pisgah


There is a trend right now among the indies, with a good deal of new publications with a travel focus where each issue goes in depth into one place or region. Boat does the locals, Drift does coffee.

Collective Quartely is a new publication that delves into a place's people, and what they call the 'essence' of the place. This is issue 4, and they visit the region around Asheville NC. The mountains contain an abundance of stories, from back-to-the-landers, to the Cherokees who never left, to craftspeople and 'city' folk and hippies who reside in Asheville. 

It is a beautiful 'slow journalism' sort of publication, hefty and packed with interesting stories, and tons of photography. Well worth your time. 

Victory Journal

Issue 11: Body & Soul

Bi-Annual, $16.00

There is nothing 'usual' about this publication. It is sports, but there aren't any scores. It is photography, but printed on what is effectively newsprint. And it is huge - at 1 1/2 feet high and a foot wide, it is certainly one of the largest publications I carry. But all that space gives them room to do justice to the beautiful imagery and stories covered within the pages. What you get is photo-essays, with introductory essays, on everything from a French Judo master to the ballet dancer Misty Copeland, the Green Bay Packers fanbase to Joe Montana and Tiger Balm. Interesting all the way through, no matter the sport, because it is really about the people. 

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