Indian Summer, Good Reads

Hello Readers!

One of my go-to places for magazine-chat is Monocle's weekly radio show/podcast called The Stack. If you aren't familiar, they sit down with someone from the world of magazines and chat about the state magazine publishing today. They also have short features, and go through selections from a stack of magazines brought in by the guest - thus the title.

This week's episode has a feature on a current favorite of mine, Pallet! If I haven't yet introduced you to this marvel, it's tag line is 'a Journal for People who Like to Think and Drink', which I would suggest describes many of my customers, as well as myself. Published by the folks behind Dogfish Head beer (which explains all the beer adverts!), but it isn't about beer so much as that beer infiltrates the stories within. It seems especially fitting for a town like Portland, where we have brewpubs or bottle shops on every corner not filled by coffee... While it may feel like summer this weekend, rain is just around the corner, so come on down and grab a copy of this one, while I still have, um, a stack of them available. Ha!