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Chickpea Vegan Quarterly

A beautifully produced independent quarterly on vegan cooking and lifestyle. This issue includes an ode to CSAs, a visit to a refuge for neglected farm animals, tips for vegans when travelling, a discussion with five feminist food writers, and a host of delicious summer -or any- time recipes.

Issue 16, Summer 2015

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Art of Eating

This is issue 93, the second to the last print issue. (After issue 94, they went digital only.) Articles include butter, potatoes, horseradish and authentic balsamic from New Mexico.

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Fall 2014


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Published out of the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, this publication is a collection of articles, divided into sections named after places you might find in a college. Within the Seminar Room we get a few lectures, in the exhibition space there a several photo essays, and in the toilets we get a diatribe on the decline on the American shopping mall. All in a nice, colorful package, it is a clever publication for those who enjoy reading about architecture, not just looking at the pictures. Issue 5, Autumn/Winter 2016, Britain, $15.00


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New Philosopher

For Curious People Looking for Solutions to the Fundamental Issues Faced by Humankind

New Philosopher, issue 15: The Future, Spring 2017

New Philosopher, issue 15: The Future, Spring 2017

This quarterly published out of Australia has quietly become one of the best philosophy publications available. ‘Philosophy’ being such a nebulous word, I shall try to describe what they do: New Philosopher looks at modern social issues from a philosophical perspective. Using everything from quotes and statistics, to illustration and comics they delve into the issues that nag at our modern life. Past topics include the idea of property, why we travel, technology and fame. Each issue follows the theme like a thread, with knots of essays, interviews, illustrations and collections of both short and longer pieces giving thoughtful depth to the philosophical concept at hand. Engrossing and thought provoking, it is just what we need when our world becomes confounding. Quarterly, Australia, $10.99

Delayed Gratification

DG is a quarterly news journal that covers what happened over the previous three months. Each issue they go back in time, and look at a few important stories from across our world, giving them some depth and perspective. With interviews, timelines, photography and amazingly entertaining and readable infographics, they show us our world in hindsight, and with insight. One of my favorite publications, I consider it the best in modern independent publishing. Get hooked. Quarterly, Britain, $20.00

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