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four & sons


Dogs and Culture Collide

The connection between dogs and people is deep, and Four & Sons illuminates that with passion, and with class. Peeking inside the lives of creative pet owners, they use interviews, photo spreads and art to investigate the lives of dogs and their companions in ways not found in your typical pet publication. You might find some cool pet furniture, but there will be no, as they put it, “fluff and slobber”. Only dogs being themselves, and the humans they keep, artfully showcased. Wonderful. Bi-Annual, Australia, $21.00

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slightly foxed

The Real Reader’s Quarterly

Do you spend hours in the cluttered aisles of used bookstores, and have shelves full of musty classics at home? You need this publication. Slightly Foxed, it’s title referencing the brownish tinge old books sometimes get (called foxing), is a British publication reviewing old - or should I say mature - and often out of print books, but also the stories and authors behind them. Does that sound a bit quirky? Oh, it definitely is, in a very British way, but it is also heavenly if you love books, especially old ones. This is such a lovely little publication! It has ivory acid-free paper, intricate pencil illustrations, is laid out like a book (of course) with a table of contents, chapters and bibliography, and even comes with a bookmark. Slightly Foxed is quite rare in the US, just like that treasure you found hiding in the stacks that you couldn’t resist, so get it while you can! Quarterly, UK, $18.00

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A Sideways Look at Cycling

This is, as the Boneshaker crew puts it, a reminder that cycling is so much more than a sport. This is a compendium of stories about people living what I’m gonna call a bicycle-positive life. Stories inside have included pedalling across the remote regions of our wild world with a child in tow, and on local people using bicycles in foreign (to us) lands such as Lesotho and Bangladesh. Essays on the magic of building your own bike, and on the existential question of whether or not to use electronic gadgets. Cargo bike-using businesses, the sadness of abandoned cycles on city streets, an all-women-of-color bicycling club in LA. As with so many of the great little indies out there, the team behind this is small: most stories are by riders/readers, they come out infrequently, yet it is a small, glorious package each time. Sadly, this will be the last print issue of Boneshaker, so get it while you still can! Issue 20, UK, $12.00


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An Urban Guide to the Middle East

Brownbook is fascinating! If published in this country, and of lesser quality, it might be categorized as a ‘general interest’ publication, but that certainly doesn’t do it justice. What it does cover is the culture of the Middle East. Interviews, design, history, fashion, stories - all that, without any politics.  Published out of Dubai, UAE, it covers countries as diverse as Egypt, Iran, Libya, Algeria, Afghanistan and Turkey. These are places Americans tend to have generalizations about, but seldom see much beyond the news highlights. Brownbook humanizes this diverse region of our wide world, something we could all use a bit more of. Classy, beautifully designed, upscale and endlessly interesting, Brownbook is one of my favorites. Hard to find, but once you see it, you will be hooked! Bi-Monthly, $22.00

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