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A Sideways Look at Cycling

This is, as the Boneshaker crew puts it, a reminder that cycling is so much more than a sport. This is a compendium of stories about people living what I’m gonna call a bicycle-positive life. Stories inside have included pedalling across the remote regions of our wild world with a child in tow, and on local people using bicycles in foreign (to us) lands such as Lesotho and Bangladesh. Essays on the magic of building your own bike, and on the existential question of whether or not to use electronic gadgets. Cargo bike-using businesses, the sadness of abandoned cycles on city streets, an all-women-of-color bicycling club in LA. As with so many of the great little indies out there, the team behind this is small: most stories are by riders/readers, they come out infrequently, yet it is a small, glorious package each time. Sadly, this will be the last print issue of Boneshaker, so get it while you still can! Issue 20, UK, $12.00


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Issue 20: The last issue of Boneshaker! Don't miss it...

Published Fall 2017