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An Urban Guide to the Middle East

Brownbook is fascinating! If published in this country, and of lesser quality, it might be categorized as a ‘general interest’ publication, but that certainly doesn’t do it justice. What it does cover is the culture of the Middle East. Interviews, design, history, fashion, stories - all that, without any politics.  Published out of Dubai, UAE, it covers countries as diverse as Egypt, Iran, Libya, Algeria, Afghanistan and Turkey. These are places Americans tend to have generalizations about, but seldom see much beyond the news highlights. Brownbook humanizes this diverse region of our wide world, something we could all use a bit more of. Classy, beautifully designed, upscale and endlessly interesting, Brownbook is one of my favorites. Hard to find, but once you see it, you will be hooked! Bi-Monthly, UAE, in English, $16.00

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Issue 67: The Ankara Issue


Dubai, UAE

In English