Most dog and cat publications you see these days are those mainstream rags filled with cutesy pet photos and sales pitches for fancy foods and pet furniture. This is not that. Each issue of this stylish publication features one breed of dog, investigating the history and personality of the chosen subject. Then we take a trip to the locale that is the origination of the species, visiting the region and its dogs. You will also find a variety of essays by and about pet owners, the loves, losses and art of dogs and their humans, and short interviews of a collection of creative pet owners, and how their lives are enhanced by their dogs. Full of color, illustrations and excellent dog photos, this is a rare… wait for it… breed of pup mag.

Direct from the publisher, I have issue 4: the Pomeranian. Give it a try! Bi-Annual, UK, $18.00

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Issue 4: Pomeranian

Cover: Bella the Pom

Stories include:

Sharon Osborne

Travel to Pomerania, Poland