For Creative Kids & Their Grownups

Stories, Comics, DIY

If you are the parent of, or shop for, creative, artsy, clever kids, you need this magazine! Lovingly done out of Oakland CA, every page is full to the brim of art, stories, comics, interviews and things to do for youngsters, or the young at heart. Aimed at the 6+ set, issues feature stories such as the quick history of something cool (think street lights or vermillion), interviews with authors and artists of kids books, brief bios of famous painters, a series called Literary Giants, book and music recommendations, and tons of activities - all fully, colorfully, wonderfully illustrated, of course! Published 3x annually, and completely ad-free, this is part of the wave of great indie mags being published these days for kids. Take a peek! 3x annually, US, $16.00

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For Creative Kids & Their Grownups

Stories, Comics, DIY

Issue 7: Black & White

Making Friends with Rebecca Green

Celebrate Diversity

Backyard Cinema

Literary Giants and their Pets

Drawing in Reverse

Make This: Shadow Puppets

The Chinese Zodiac


Issue 6: Symbols

Wonderfully Surreal World with Yuko Higuchi

Urban Sprouts

Drawing Her Right Foot

The Quiltmakers of Gee’s Bend

Draw This: Object Cortex

Write This: DIY Code Language


Issue 5: Motion

Rad Women Create

A Day at the Aquarium

Photographing Motion

Literary Giants as Kids

Draw This: Matisse-Inspired Activities

Make This: Thaumatrope