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I am honored and thrilled to be able to offer this publication. Kyoto Journal is celebrating 30 years of publication, but after some years as digital-only, it has recently come back as a print publication. And I have to say, this must be experienced in print! Kyoto is at the center of a story that illuminates the ancient culture of Japan and its region, which includes Korea and China. Whether it is on traditional craftsmen maintaining a centuries old tradition, a travel diary from the Meiji era, or an essay on a particular aspect of life in modern Kyoto, each piece is elegant, timeless and meticulously crafted, each issue a complete package. This is something to keep and treasure, something you will go back to time and again. Rare in the US, so don’t miss it! Quarterly, Japan, in English, $16.50

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Insights From Asia



In English

Issue 91: Living Sustainability

A Conversation with architect Kengo Kuma

The Great Vacancy: Lessons Learned in Rural Japan

Building Tiny Houses for Young People in Kosuge Village

A conversation with Artist Daniel Kelly

and Reborn Kyoto, a non-profit that sends old kimono and seamstresses to refugees to teach sewing skills




Issue 92: Devotion

As Long as Your Down on Your Knees: Pico Iyer

I Bow to the Heart Sutra: Mayumi Oda

Moments of Devotion in the Ancient Capital: Photographs by Patrick Hochner

Traveling in Bardo: Ann Tashi Slater

Going Home: Meredith Mckinney

Journeys of Reverence: Catherine Ludvik

On Wutai-Shan, 1936: John Blofeld