Ugly Things

Ugly Things


Wild Sounds from Past Dimensions

Ugly Things is one of those obscure niche titles that exist in the world of magazines, and one of the great examples of how there really is a magazine for every taste. A music magazine for those that love the obscure, the lost and the forgotten, Ugly Things packs its 150-ish zine-like pages with the stories behind, and long interviews with, those musicians that have had a brief moment in the spotlight, and then moved on. Published since the early 80’s, it mostly covers the early decades of rock - garage, psychedelic, punk, surf, what-have-you - and mostly hunts down the rare, unknown, local or short-lived bands no one else covers. Pages and pages of album reviews, and ads for what seems like every small record store and music label in the country, complete the package, making this the perfect read for anyone who loves to hunt down forgotten gems. Tri-Annual (3x a year), US, $9.95

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Wild Sounds from Past Dimensions

Issue 48

Summer/Fall 2018




The Other Half

Elvis Presley: Reconsider Baby

The Olivers

The Skulls

Marc Jonson

Lots More!