For the Creative and Curious

Uppercase is for those who like a bit of creativity in their lives.  Each quarterly issue - which has a theme ranging from various fabric arts, to papercrafts, to color and patterns - is a compendium of creative artists and their wares. A riot of color and inspiration, these makers range from professional artists to hobbyists, collectors, curators and creators.  There are interviews, collections of artists, design guides, tours of studios, and designers at work. Each issue is eagerly awaited. Whether you are seeking inspiration, aspiration, or beauty in craft, this is what you are looking for. Quarterly, Canada, $18.00

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Issue 39: Hooked

This issue has a special feature on rug makers. Featuring a handful of hooked rug craftspeople, and a wonderful interview with Amy Oxford, a rug maker who has designed a better punch needle, and the business it launched.

Also inside, illustrators, a journal library, felters, making things from fashion industry discards, and the spinning wheel.

Published Fall 2018, Canada


Issue 38: Golden

This issue is all about packaging and containers! From tins to boxes, wrapping to bottles, all kinds of packages are represented, designed and appreciated. 

The other main topic is finding order from chaos - fitting for this lovely riot of color that is Uppercase Magazine. 

We also explore artists who work in gold foil, paper, and jewelry, and visit a purveyor in Italy of fine ribbons and scissors. 

The lovely photo on the cover is of vintage tins! 

Published Summer 2018, Canada