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Olympian World: August 6, 2016

Hello Readers!

I have been busy, busy, busy this past month, since I posted last! We had the Division/Clinton neighborhood street fair a few Saturdays ago, which was a rousing success – thanks to everyone who stopped by! One of the highlights for me is always the parade, which is small but powerful. This year we got three marching bands, along with all the local floats and businesses – what fun!

I have also been working very hard on creating a new website. This is something I have been thinking about for a while, and I have finally gotten started. It will be fresh and modern, but more importantly have more functionality. I am also planning to add an ecommerce feature, which will give me the ability to ship the great, but hard to find, independent titles I focus on. This should be exciting to those of you who can’t make it to the stand – I can spread the indie-love a bit farther! I will let you know more as things get closer, so stay tuned.

One last thing, before we get to the good stuff: we have a new, orange neighbor. That’s right, there is a Biketown bikeshare station at the corner of Division and 30th! So if you were planning on giving them a try, you might consider The City Reader as a suitable destination – fun, informative and good for you. Just remember to use your hand signals!

OK, on to print!

Today I thought I would start out with some of the Olympics-themed issues I have on the shelves. Let’s go!

BrownBook issue 57, May/June 2016Brownbook: An Urban Guide to the Middle East

This issue has a theme of Arab Olympians, and along with all the usual interesting stuff, they have interviews with Olympic athletes from a variety of countries, including Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia. You will also find pieces on a florist in Dubai, a fashion designer in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and a psychedelic band from Turkey. Of course. Bi-Monthly, May/June, $26.90

Outside Magazine August 2016National Geographic History: This issue has an article on ancient Greek Olympia, the inspiration for our modern version. Also inside: Tesla vs. Edison, Claudius after Caligula and Ramses wedding. Bi-Monthly, July/August, $9.99

Runner’s World (Sept, $5.99), Outside (Swimmer Ryan Lochte, Aug., $5.99) and Bicycling (Sept., $5.99) all have Olympic stories as well. Let the games begin!


Porter Fall 2016What else is fresh?

Porter: This is their fall fashion issue, and it is a nice heft. Interviews with interesting women, photo shoots with beautiful women, and tons of luxe fashion. Bi-Monthly, Fall, $9.99

Gray: This is the Design Rebels issue, featuring an interview with Steven Holl. The rest of this full issue includes design, products, architecture and fashion, all within the aesthetic of the Pacific Northwest. Bi-Monthly, August/September, $7.00

Nautilus July/August 2016Nautilus: This issue the two  themes are Noise and Sport. We get inside the biomechanics of Scott Jurek, the ultramarathoner, and the brain of Alex Honnold, the greatest free solo climber, ever. Plus lots of other cool science-y things, like noise in New York and whether or not gambling on fantasy sports is gambling. The pinnacle of science mags. Bi-Monthly, July/August, $12.00

I have also brought a few new things into the science section: Air & Space (August, $6.99), from Smithsonian, and Discover (September, $5.99).

A few more nice things:

Doctor Who Magazine 501 August 2016Doctor Who Magazine: If you can never get enough of Tom Baker, this is the issue for you! They call it 500 issues +1, and other than the regular columns, it is all TB – a 7-part interview. Whew. Monthly, issue 501, August, $11.99

1859: Now monthly. August, $5.95

Juxtapoz: September, $6.99

The Clever Root issue 3 Spring/Summer 2016Landscape Architecture: The National Parks at 100. August, $7.00

Mother Earth Living: New to the shelves, by the folks who do Mother Earth News. The focus is on lifestyle and food. Bi-Monthly, September/October, $5.99

Esquire: An interview with Clint and Scott Eastwood. September, $5.99

Clever Root: Quarterly on slow food, wine and cannabis. Spring/Summer, $10.00

The shelves are looking pretty good, and more new stuff should be arriving in the next week or so. Don’t be a stranger, come on by! Oh, and Keep Reading!


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Let’s Care About Each Other: July 9, 2016

Hello Readers!

The past few weeks have been difficult days. Too much violence and hatred, too many gun deaths, too much Brexit and anti-other. Whatever you are ‘for’, someone else is ‘against’. And a few of us seem to think violence is the answer. Well, I happen to think violence is never the answer. Instead, how about we try to learn a bit about the other, try to find some common ground, live and let live, and perhaps, just perhaps, try to get along.

So this time I am going to highlight a few of the publications that might help us to learn a bit more about the ‘other’, whoever they might be. Ready?

BrownBook issue 56 March/April 2016Brownbook: An Urban Guide to the Middle East

I am a champion for this bi-monthly, because it is a great way to see what life is like for people who live in a part of the world we definitely think of as ‘other’. But all you have to do is read a few of the articles, and you can see that, while they may be different in many ways, residents of the Middle East countries are living modern lives, in many of the same ways as us. Astounding, right? Take a look. Bi-monthly, issue 56, Snow, $14.99

Boat magazine Issue 11: HavanaBoat Magazine

This lovely publication visits a place, stays for a while, and gets inside the culture. This issue they visit Havana, Cuba. Ballet, Santeria, music, DIY culture, food. A little island with a big impact. Bi-annual, issue 11, 21.99


Harper's Magazine July 2016The Atlantic and Harper’s:

Both of these cover politics, current events and culture. The Atlantic this month has a feature piece on the insane nature of America’s politics right now. Harper’s has a feature on a Conservative Christian trip to Israel, along with a riveting piece on Baltimore. Both are monthly. The Atlantic, July/August, $7.99, Harper’s, July, $6.99


The Common issue 11: Contemporary Arabic StoriesThe Common: A Modern Sense of Place

Issue 11 of this fabulous literary journal is all Arabic stories in translation. The contributors span the breath of the middle eastern countries, from Morocco to Iraq, Libya to Yemen. The sense of place is palpable, yet the people are familiar. Try it. Bi-annual, issue 11, $14.00


Makeshift Magazine Issue 15: BoundariesMakeshift: A Field Guide to Hidden Creativity

This quarterly covers the world, finding stories about people finding DIY solutions to third world problems, using creativity instead of cash. This issue the theme is boundaries, and they go to borders all over the world, where conflict creates the need for clever solutions. Quarterly, issue 15, $20.00

A few more ideas:

Lapham’s Quarterly: They hunt down original writings from the depths of history, to delve into a particular theme. This issue it is Luck. People have always been people. Quarterly, Summer, $17.00

Pacific Standard: Social and human issues, researched and reported on. Short and longer pieces, always interesting and well written. Bi-monthly, July/August, $5.99

The Sun: This monthly always makes you feel better about the human condition. July, $5.95

Poetry: This issue has a section on Pacific Islander poetry, which encompasses a broad range of cultures. Monthly, July/August, $3.75

Mindful and Lion’s Roar: For when you need a few minutes to breathe, and find some peace. Both bi-monthly. Mindful, $5.99, Lion’s Roar (previously called Shambhala Sun), $7.99

That should help widen the world view just a bit. Keep Reading.

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The Sky’s the Limit: June 18, 2016

Hello Readers!

I want to begin by wishing my father a very happy Father’s Day! He lives a long way away, but he is nevertheless near and dear in my heart. If you have a father that is also near and dear, don’t forget him tomorrow.

You may also have noticed that it is Graduation Season out there! Tasseled caps are flying in the air all over this nation, and my amazing niece is among them; congrats Sam! Our young people are the future of this country, and she epitomizes what open-minded, thoughtful and smart looks like. The reins will be in good hands.

I was watching a few commencement speeches on YouTube last night; this one is for her.

OK, on to the new arrivals! Here is what’s on my stack right now:

The Common issue 11: Contemporary Arabic StoriesThe Common: A Modern Sense of Place

This bi-annual literary journal is a particular favorite of mine. This issue is contemporary Arabic stories in translation. The authors come from a variety of countries: Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco. Sense of place, indeed. Spring/Summer 2016, $14.00


BrownBook issue 56 March/April 2016BrownBook: An Urban Guide to the Middle East

This issue the theme is Snow. I know, but they do get it occasionally, and in the mountainous areas, just like us in the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful stories about climbers, skiiers, hockey players and a weather man, and the inserts include a few old maps. Fascinating, fabulous. Take a look. Bi-Monthly, issue 56, March/April 2016, $14.99


New Philosopher Summer 2016Womankind and New Philosopher:

These are sister publications from Australia. Bright and colorful, thoughtful and philosophical, artistic and interesting. In New Philosopher, this issue delves into education – a fitting subject during graduation season – and Womankind tackles the path to happiness. Try them both. Quarterly, Summer 2016, $10.99 each

What else?

Downbeat July 2016Downbeat: This is their ‘Rising Stars’ issue, and has Kamasi Washington on the cover. I believe the phrase you are thinking of is, ‘ finger on the pulse’… Monthly, July, $5.99

New Republic: This refreshed stalwart of the Left still has a little life in it. This issue the cover is on Bernie vs. Hillary. Bi-Monthly, July/August, $9.99

Landscape Architecture: Sort of a cross between Metropolis and Next City  (highly recommended), with a dash of Pacific Standard, but for landscape design, scattered with ads for things like park Apartamento issue 17 Spring/Summer 2016benches and paving stones. A range of stories, both technical and cultural, all interesting. Monthly, June 2016, $7.00

Apartamento: This Spanish bi-annual is interiors, but really it is art, life, culture, quirkiness. Dense, picture-heavy interviews with a wide range of people from artists and writers to architects, photo essays, and just a funky mix of stuff. Take a look. Spring/Summer 2016, $19.95


That will do for now. Keep Reading!

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Things are Heatin’ Up: June 4, 2016

Hello Readers!

A bit of excitement happened on Division St. a few days ago: we got a quick visit from that master of magazines, Tyler Brule, Editor in Chief of Monocle! I was honored to have him visit my little stand, packed with all good things, and I hope he enjoyed seeing it, if only half as much as I enjoyed having him. Star struck, I was, I must admit…

Those of you who are regulars, and those who understand the rarity of what I am attempting to do here, will perhaps understand when I say that I absolutely could not do it without the great support of the magazine-loving community in this city. Those of you who make a point of stopping by, and of mentioning my stand to your friends; those that live or work in the neighborhood and pop in to say hi and grab your weekly or monthly fix; and those who walk past, as Tyler did, surprised and hopefully thrilled to find a classic newsstand chock full of modern publications: you are why I am here, and I am daily gratified to find that what I am doing is something folks appreciate. THANK YOU!

Whew! Sweltering days: you need cool drinks, relaxing in a nice patch of shade and something good to read! I can help with the reading part. Here are a few of my current favorite things:

Porter Summer Escape 2016Porter: Cool clothes, bathing suits, a trip to Rome, and articles on Georgia O’Keefe, Stella McCartney and cover girl Sienna Miller. What’s not to love? Bi-Monthly, Summer Escape 2016, $9.99

Lucky Peach: They have decided to dive into bowls of pho. Splash. Quarterly, Summer 2016, $12.00

Bicycle Times: This issue they delve into bicycle treking solo, and how to be ready for anything. Living Etc. June 2016Always something interesting in this unassuming little indie! Bi-Monthly, June/July, $4.99

LivingEtc.: The White Issue, it might help keep us cool on hot days. Monthly, June, $9.99

Gray: This issue we get a little international flavor mixed in with the PNW design sensibilities. Also a look inside Gray’s new digs. Yum. Bi-Monthly, June/July, $7.00

Some quick bites:

Air & Space June/July 2016Poetry: Always relaxing, invigorating, thoughtful. Monthly, June, $3.75

Air & Space: New to the shelves, this sister publication to Smithsonian covers all things flying. This issue highlights the recent improvements to Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museum, along with pieces on a new plant to build Airbus planes, SETI and the glider on the cover, designed in Bend, which will attempt to reach the stratosphere. The design might be a bit dated, but the contents offer an array of interesting tidbits. Take a look. Bi-Monthly, June/July, $6.99

Esquire Magazine June/July 2016Esquire: The first issue with the new editor, Jay Fielden, at the helm. An interesting article with the always peculiar and intriguing Viggo Mortensen, best bars in America, an interview with Woody Allen. The changes will be subtle, but they will come.  Monthly, June/July, $5.99

Peloton: This is the Italian Issue. Monthly, June, $9.99

Detail: Architecture/Green

New to the shelves, Detail is a bi-monthly German architecture publication, Detail Green 1/2016technical and highly, well, detailed. This is their Green issue, which is exclusively on sustainable architecture. They also do issues on  interiors, facades, structures, etc. The publication is aimed at the trade, but might be of interest to technically-inclined general readers as well. It is cleanly designed, hard to do for a bi-lingual (German/English) publication. Bi-Monthly, Green issue, $24.50

Mojo and Uncut are new as well: Syd Barrett and Blondie, on the covers. Mojo also has some Pink Floyd posters. June for both, $11.99 & 10.99

That will do for now. Keep cool, keep reading!

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My Hall is Hoppin’!: May 17, 2016

Hello Readers!

Well, things around my hallway have gotten a bit busier lately. Stella Taco has opened up next to me! They have taken over the space that used to be Pizza Maria, and transformed it into the destination in the ‘hood for tasty tacos. Next time you drop by for your mag fix, you might want to arrive hungry. Yum!

My stand has loads of tasty treats. Here are the highlights:

Popshot Magazine Issue 15 Spring/Summer 2016Popshot: The Illustrated Magazine of New Writing

I love this little gem. Flash fiction, super-short fiction, and poetry, all surrounded by intensely colorful illustrations which help tell the story. Flash fiction done well is very good. This is done well, indeed. Give it a try. Bi-Annual, issue 15, Spring/Summer 2016, $11.99


Mark April/May 2016Mark: Another Architecture

This issue has a lot of buildings for people to gather – national parliaments, concert halls, museums. We also get some architecturally amazing houses and apartment buildings, and the crazy, swirly lookout tower/slide in the Czech mountains you see on the cover. This hefty international architecture publication out of Amsterdam is always interesting, always packed with riveting photography. Give it a look. Bi-monthly, April/May 2016, $19.95

Landscape Architecture May 2016Landscape Architecture Magazine:

This is new to the shelves. Published by the American Society of Landscape Architects, it is aimed at professionals, of course, but if you are interested in urban design, there is plenty in here for you, as well. This issue the cover story is on the design of our new Orange line, TriMet’s latest edition to the MAX system. If you have seen any of the new route, you will have noticed that the landscape plays a big role. Very interesting. Monthly, May 2016, $7.00

I have an array of new fashion mags in at the moment. Here is what has caught my eye:

i-D Magazine Spring 2016i-D: Fashion, people, ideas. Hefty, dense with images and words, published in London. Issue 342, the New Luxury issue, Spring. $13.99

V Magazine: New to the shelves. Glossy, oversized. Interviews, an insider take on fashion and photo spreads. They call it Fashion with a capital F. Out of New York, with an international feel. Quarterly, Summer 2016, $9.50


InStyle Magazine June 2016InStyle: I have to say, I am really liking the redesign, which premiered with the March issue. A few new sections, a clean, sophisticated new look, and old favorites updated. The fashion mag that is useful now is even better! Take a look. Monthly, June 2016, $5.99

Interior Design: This month is their annual Fashion issue. Which means they focus on the interiors of fashion design, such as offices and retail spaces. They range from glitzy to spare. Monthly, April, $9.95

A few more new arrivals:

Monocle Magazine May 2016Monocle: This month the theme is villages, and they have a design directory. Monthly, May, $12.00

World of Interiors: Kitchen & bath special. Monthly, May, $9.50

Kinfolk: The Travel Issue. Quarterly, Summer 2016, $18.00

Dwell: This month it is Outdoor living. June, $7.99

Oregon Business: New to the shelves. This issue has pieces on Governor Kate Brown, the new Niketown bike share, and local companies that excel at social media. Monthly, May 2016, $4.99

That will do for this week. Did you vote? Good. Keep reading!

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Read print daily. Repeat. April 29, 2016

Hello Readers!

There are all sorts of interesting things mixing it up on the stand right now. Let’s take a look at a few things grabbing my attention at the moment:

Delayed Gratification: The Slow Journalism Magazine

Delayed Gratification Issue 21When people ask me, of all the great magazines I carry, which is my favorite, this is my answer. Delayed embodies what people today are looking for in a printed publication. We can get everything instantly online, so why read print? To get a curated, long-form look at the world, and to be riveted by it. Delayed is that, and more. It is a compact, enthusiastic package of what has happened in the world over the previous three months. It isn’t merely current; it is the events. With graphics that will entertain and astound. Quarterly, the new issue covers the months October/November/December 2015. Terrorist attacks across the world, including in San Bernardino, Aung San Suu Kii and democracy in Myanmar, China lifting it’s one-child policy and the periodic table’s inventor, in the wake of some new members being added. Yeah, you could google everything in there, but if you read it in DG, you will get fresh perspective, and you will remember it later. Issue 21, Quarterly, $20.00

The Rake May 2016The Rake: The Modern Voice of Classic Elegance

This is a British publication for men, but I must say, I am always intrigued by its content. The rakish content includes interviews with interesting and well-dressed men, the tailors who dress the well-dressed, places from the past and today that the well-dressed visit, and spreads of fancy accessories, from watches to loafers to cars, that the well-dressed should have. Classic but modern, understated but flashy, elegant but stylish. Bi-monthly, May 2016, $9.99

Ideat March/April 2016Ideat: Contemporary Life

This is a contemporary French interiors magazine, and I love the clean, modern style. It is well laid out, with bright, crisp photos. Sections include News, Design, Lifestyle and Trips. This magazine is in French, which I don’t read, and I still love it, which should tell you how cool it looks. Take a peek. 8x annually, March/April, $10.00

Metropolis: Architecture and Design at all Scales

Metropolis April 2016For reasons that have eluded me, this publication has been difficult to get in. But I have miraculously received in the April 2016 issue, which was exciting to see. They went through a redesign more than a year ago, but this is my first chance to see it. If you are familiar with the current iteration of Surface, then Metropolis will feel familiar to you. With blessedly matte paper, a slightly oversize shape, and easy to read fonts, they have nailed the basics. Content covers a spectrum, interesting to people from wonks to regular folk. Product design, interiors, architecture, opinion and reviews. Monthly, April 2016, $9.95

Pacific Standard: Stories That Matter

Pacific Standard May/June 2016Published by the Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media and Public Policy, this bi-monthly always has interesting stuff in it. Sort of a cross between The Atlantic and Wired, with a dash of Mindful. It is research-based stories on current events and topics of interest today, with a social instead of political backdrop. The mix of shorter and longer pieces makes for interesting reading no matter how much time you have, and the topics make you want to learn more. This is the Water issue, and they go deep (see what I did there?!) on the topic, with stories on everything from tourism through the Northwest Passage (the ice is melting!) to drought refugees moving to our lovely state of Oregon from California (drought conditions there for 5+ years…). They are finishing up a redesign, so this will be the last issue that has this layout. Take a look! Bi-Monthly, May/June, $5.99

What else is new in? Stacks of good stuff:

Rolling Stone MagazineMojo & Uncut: Both May, $10.99

Rolling Stone: Merle Haggard. Weekly, $4.99

Portland Monthly: Best Bars 2016. May, $5.99

Poetry: Australian poets. May, $3.75

Esquire Big Black Book Spring/Summer 2016Esquire Big Black Book: Bi-annual British men’s style and fashion. Spring/Summer 2016, $14.99

Wax Poetics: Issue 64, Spring 2016, $11.99

Mindful: June, $5.99

New Philosopher: Technology is the theme. Spring, $9.95

Rika Magazine issue 14 Spring/Summer 2016Hoover Digest: New to the shelves, quarterly, Spring, $8.00

Rika Magazine: Also new to the shelves! Scandinavian fashion, bi-annual, Spring/Summer 2016, $17.00

LivingEtc.: British contemporary interiors. May, $9.99

Culture: Cheese! Bi-Monthly, May, $9.95

Hello Mr.: Men who date men. Issue 7, $20.00

Alright. That means the shelves are packed. Come see. Keep reading!

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