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For the Creative and Curious

Uppercase is for those who like a bit of creativity in their lives.  Each quarterly issue - which has a theme ranging from various fabric arts, to papercrafts, to color and patterns - is a compendium of creative artists and their wares. A riot of color and inspiration, these makers range from professional artists to hobbyists, collectors, curators and creators.  There are interviews, collections of artists, design guides, tours of studios, and designers at work. Each issue is eagerly awaited. Whether you are seeking inspiration, aspiration, or beauty in craft, this is what you are looking for. Quarterly, Canada, $18.00

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Little White Lies

Truth & Movies

LWL is an international film magazine of great films, but it isn't at all what you expect. For one thing, it has no glossy film stills, no actor headshots, and no starred reviews. In fact, while they do have reviews, some of those chosen are decades old.

Instead, each issue features one film, covered with depth and interest, but not too seriously. They have critical essays, interviews, perhaps a history of the director or main actor's works, even a deep dive into the genre of the featured film. Every page is illustrated with hand-drawn art, and the whole thing is well-organized and fun to read. The back half always has reviews, using a number rating instead of stars, and they are a mix of new releases - mostly smaller films - and older but perhaps forgotten gems. Bi-Monthly, UK $12.99


The Human Side of Technology

What is Offscreen? This compact publication is the stories, inspirations and passions of people who create in the world of technology. Containing a nice blend of pieces, there are four long, in depth interviews that explore the thoughts and drives of the interviewee, short essays and quick interviews about some insight found in a techie’s life, a handful of projects to improve the lives of humans, a photo section showing tech workspaces across the world, and a smattering of gear. Short of tech-speak and long on inspiration and humanity, this tri-quarterly published out of Australia and printed in Berlin is international, engrossing, inspiring. One of the many small, self-distributed gems I carry, it is hard to find outside of a few tech hubs, so grab it while you can! 3x Annually, Australia, $20.00

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Kyoto Journal

Insights from Asia

I am honored and thrilled to be able to offer this publication. Kyoto Journal is celebrating 30 years of publication, but after some years as digital-only, it has recently come back as a print publication. And I have to say, this must be experienced in print! The bi-annual journal has Kyoto at the center of a story that illuminates the ancient culture of Japan and its region, which includes Korea and China. Whether it is on traditional craftsmen maintaining a centuries old tradition, a travel diary from the Meiji era, or an essay on a particular aspect of life in modern Kyoto, each piece is elegant, timeless and meticulously crafted, each issue a complete package. This is something to keep and treasure, something you will go back to time and again. Only available here! I have two issues: 89: Craft Ecologies, and 90: Old Roads, Revisited. Bi-Annual, Japan, in English, $18.00

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Smith Journal

Thinkers, Adventurers, Makers, Writers, Inventors

This Australian quarterly, published by the group behind Frankie, is chock full of the fascinating, the peculiar, and the forgotten stories that hide in the nooks and crannies of our world. Inside the handsome matte covers you will meet people from all walks of life, and all parts of the globe, doing a vast array of unusual things. Past stories have included a physicist turned origami builder extraordinaire, to the story behind the gumboot (the Aussie term for wellies), to a guy who builds rocket bikes from spare parts, to an ode to hair metal. You will find something interesting on every page. With a nice larger format, beautiful paper that isn’t crowded with content or ads, and a nice range of art and photography, this is a quintessentially indie publication that will keep you wanting more. Quarterly, Australia, $17.99

Popshot Quarterly

Short Stories / Flash Fiction / Poetry

The Illustrated Magazine of New Writing

Popshot has gone quarterly! If you have encountered this little package of wonder before, prepare to be twice as engrossed! Popshot is what's often called flash fiction - super short stories, often only a few pages long. And yet... It is so much more. Emotional. Descriptive. Fantastical. Powerful. And fully illustrated. Writing excellent short stories is a craft, but to create super-short but fully formed stories, that is a special talent. This publication seeks out new writers with that talent, and gives them a moment to shine. The illustrations that accompany the stories give this small package it's particular beauty, making it one of my most anticipated arrivals. Don't miss it. Quarterly, UK, $12.75

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An Everyday Life Interiors Magazine

This publication is peculiar, because it is two distinct things. When you look at it, it is a messy riot of color and words, seemingly without rhyme or reason. The tagline doesn’t really help, either: ‘An everyday life interiors magazine’. What does that mean? But upon diving into it, all becomes understandable. What you get is a chunky, book-like magazine that interviews artists, designers, musicians, writers - creatives - in their place of residence. They talk about their lives, loves, art and work. It is engrossing, full of color and colorful stories, and, indeed, true to its tagline. Bi-Annual, Spain, $24.00


On the newsstand


An Urban Guide to the Middle East

Brownbook is fascinating! If published in this country, and of lesser quality, it might be categorized as a ‘general interest’ publication, but that certainly doesn’t do it justice. What it does cover is the culture of the Middle East. Interviews, design, history, fashion, stories - all that, without any politics.  Published out of Dubai, UAE, it covers countries as diverse as Egypt, Iran, Libya, Algeria, Afghanistan and Turkey. These are places Americans tend to have generalizations about, but seldom see much beyond the news highlights. Brownbook humanizes this diverse region of our wide world, something we could all use a bit more of. Classy, beautifully designed, upscale and endlessly interesting, Brownbook is one of my favorites. Hard to find, but once you see it, you will be hooked! Bi-Monthly, $22.00

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Milk Street

The New Home Cooking

Milk Street is the new publication by the bow-tied former Cook’s Illustrated chef and TV personality. Christopher Kimball. Upon first glimpse it may look and feel familiar, but take a closer look. Definitely not his previous gig, Milk Street is international cooking, tailored for an American’s kitchen and market. My favorite part is the stories behind the dishes. From Morocco to Singapore, Taipei to Rome, they travel around the world to track down a region’s iconic dish, meeting the chefs who cook it and learning how it’s done. Then they break it down for an audience that might not be familiar with it. You’ll also find sections filled with a week’s worth of simple to cook but internationally flavored meals, the stories behind foods you might know, plenty of cooking tips, recipes, and Color Photographs! Published bi-monthly, each issue will be devoured! Bi-Monthly, US, $6.95


Most dog and cat publications you see these days are those mainstream rags filled with cutesy pet photos and sales pitches for fancy foods and pet furniture. This is not that. Each issue of this stylish publication features one breed of dog, investigating the history and personality of the chosen subject. Then we take a trip to the locale that is the origination of the species, visiting the region and its dogs. You will also find a variety of essays by and about pet owners, the loves, losses and art of dogs and their humans, and short interviews of a collection of creative pet owners, and how their lives are enhanced by their dogs. Full of color, illustrations and excellent dog photos, this is a rare… wait for it… breed of pup mag.

Direct from the publisher, I have two issues: the Dalmatian, and the Pomeranian. Come see! Bi-Annual, UK, $18.00

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Expand your Mind, Refine your Wardrobe

Are YOU Chap? This publication is so cool! A small indie out of the UK, it celebrates those who appreciate the timeless, classic qualities of a fine linen three-piece suit, mustache wax, and tweed. If you tend toward trousers and fedoras, always hold the door for a lady, and wouldn’t consider wearing plimsolls except on the tennis court or cricket field, you are, most definitely, Chap. Filled with gents - and ladies - who are chap, but also interviews, columns - don’t miss The Butler - and essays on the people and places that comprise the history of classic British panache, this publication is thoroughly entertaining. A rare find on this side of the Pond, yet fits quite nicely into our quirky Portland style. Don’t miss it! Quarterly, UK, $10.00

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A Magazine That Takes its Time

Celebrating Creativity, Imperfection and Life’s Little Pleasures

Each issue of Flow is a happy, colorful, creative, wonderful package of fun. Full of things to do and to ponder, it has interviews with makers and artists, ideas for creativity and simplifying your life, and always contains a little activity booklet or two within its pages, filled with projects to keep you creative and thoughtful. Published in The Netherlands, and a hefty 130+ pages per issue, this is well worth your investigation. If you are a fan of Uppercase or Taproot, you shouldn’t miss this one - you will get hooked! Bi-Monthly, The Netherlands (International edition in English), $24.99

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Berlin Quarterly

European Review of Culture

This literary publication out of Berlin is elegant, international and mesmerizing. Each 170 page issue contains a few pieces of fiction, literary essays, and a long piece of reportage, often of a personal story. You will also find some poetry, mainly in translation, and perhaps a photo montage or essay. The feel of this journal is of classic European literature, with a post-colonial, multicultural mix. And it is gorgeous: ivory paper, lovely font, quality printing and bound like a book, fit for a shelf. If you like Granta or Lapham’s Quarterly, this is for you. Fast becoming a personal favorite, and only found here. Don’t miss this beauty. Bi-Annual, Germany, in English, $20.00

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Victory Journal

This awesome publication covers sports like no one else could. It's vast size - close to 2 feet tall, and a foot wide - gives it plenty of room for the lengthy and engrossing photo essays that make up the bulk of the content. With stories on the familiar - football (both kinds..), track & field - and the not so familiar - archery, jai alai - some you might not think of as sports - drag racing, and, um, checkers? - and a few you might never have heard of - french ring, anyone? - sport is merely the frame they fill with fascinating insights into culture and humanity. As such, there is something interesting in here for even non-sports fans. Quite fabulous, as only independent mags can be. Take a look. Bi-annual, UK, $16.00