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Little U

Creativity for the Young at Heart

This adorable, tiny publication by Uppercase is for those that love crafts and crafting, with a bent towards the young and young at heart. For kids and adults, this pocket sized publication is filled with hundreds of pages of crafts and artists who create. Everything is included, from paper to knitting, dolls - nesting and soft - to quilts, books to pencils, interspersed with interviews of adult artists and their kids. This is the first issue of Little U, but Janine VanGool, says it won’t be the last! Created with help from her son, Finley, and lots of contributors and friends, it is a pint-sized package that is as tasty as a pint of ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Take a peek! Occasional, Canada, $24.00

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Ugly Things

Wild Sounds from Past Dimensions

Ugly Things is one of those obscure niche titles that exist in the world of magazines, and one of the great examples of how there really is a magazine for every taste. A music magazine for those that love the obscure, the lost and the forgotten, Ugly Things packs its 150-ish zine-like pages with the stories behind, and long interviews with, those musicians that have had a brief moment in the spotlight, and then moved on. Published since the early 80’s, it mostly covers the early decades of rock - garage, psychedelic, punk, surf, what-have-you - and mostly hunts down the rare, unknown, local or short-lived bands no one else covers. Pages and pages of album reviews, and ads for what seems like every small record store and music label in the country, complete the package, making this the perfect read for anyone who loves to hunt down forgotten gems. Tri-Annual (3x a year), US, $9.95

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Far Ride

Documenting Cycling Journeys Around the World

Far Ride is a gorgeous, photo-heavy publication that takes us on cycling trips far and wide. Published from Seoul, Korea, with hefty, art-quality paper and an elegant layout, this one simply feels different. Trips could be on the back roads of Korea, across the open plains of East Asia, or into the unknown lands of Africa. Photo essays, long personal stories, and interviews with riders and dreamers keep us absorbed and intrigued from front cover to the final page. Small print runs and self-distribution make this one rare, so grab it while you can. Tri-Annual, South Korea, $23.00

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The Human Side of Technology

What is Offscreen? This compact publication is the stories, inspirations and passions of people who create in the world of technology. Containing a nice blend of pieces, there are four long, in depth interviews that explore the thoughts and drives of the interviewee, short essays and quick interviews about some insight found in a techie’s life, a handful of projects to improve the lives of humans, a photo section showing tech workspaces across the world, and a smattering of gear. Short of tech-speak and long on inspiration and humanity, this tri-quarterly published out of Australia and printed in Berlin is international, engrossing, inspiring. One of the many small, self-distributed gems I carry, it is hard to find outside of a few tech hubs, so grab it while you can! 3x Annually, Australia, $20.00

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Popshot Quarterly

Short Stories / Flash Fiction / Poetry

The Illustrated Magazine of New Writing

Popshot has gone quarterly! If you have encountered this little package of wonder before, prepare to be twice as engrossed! Popshot is what's often called flash fiction - super short stories, often only a few pages long. And yet... It is so much more. Emotional. Descriptive. Fantastical. Powerful. And fully illustrated. Writing excellent short stories is a craft, but to create super-short but fully formed stories, that is a special talent. This publication seeks out new writers with that talent, and gives them a moment to shine. The illustrations that accompany the stories give this small package it's particular beauty, making it one of my most anticipated arrivals. Don't miss it. Quarterly, UK, $12.75

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This food journal covers one city or region per issue, with style and substance. Spending time, doing research and interviewing whoever is influencing the food scene, whether they are chefs, restaurateurs, bakers, even growers, gives the publication the ability to peel back the layers of the region, showing the food community and its inhabitants from an insider’s perspective. Lovingly put together, with photos that are intimate and compelling, hefty paper and 150+ pages, including a list of restaurants etc. in the back, this is a keeper. Annual, US, $19.00

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Legendary Indie Nerd Bible

This long-established indie music mag - very zine-like - has been around for ages, off and on, sort of as a cult thing. Musically connected and locally made by a small group of women, it is packed with interviews and reviews of artists such as themselves - underground, independent-minded musicians doing it their way. And made right here in Portland! For this issue - possibly the last - they fulfilled a dream, to finally interview the mysterious musician Kendra Smith. If you are a fan of either, you should not miss this. 2018 edition, US, $12.00

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Milk Street

The New Home Cooking

Milk Street is the new publication by the bow-tied former Cook’s Illustrated chef and TV personality. Christopher Kimball. Upon first glimpse it may look and feel familiar, but take a closer look. Definitely not his previous gig, Milk Street is international cooking, tailored for an American’s kitchen and market. My favorite part is the stories behind the dishes. From Morocco to Singapore, Taipei to Rome, they travel around the world to track down a region’s iconic dish, meeting the chefs who cook it and learning how it’s done. Then they break it down for an audience that might not be familiar with it. You’ll also find sections filled with a week’s worth of simple to cook but internationally flavored meals, the stories behind foods you might know, plenty of cooking tips, recipes, and Color Photographs! Published bi-monthly, each issue is sure to be devoured! Bi-Monthly, US, $6.95

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Most dog and cat publications you see these days are those mainstream rags filled with cutesy pet photos and sales pitches for fancy foods and pet furniture. This is not that. Each issue of this stylish publication features one breed of dog, investigating the history and personality of the chosen subject. Then we take a trip to the locale that is the origination of the species, visiting the region and its dogs. You will also find a variety of essays by and about pet owners, the loves, losses and art of dogs and their humans, and short interviews of a collection of creative pet owners, and how their lives are enhanced by their dogs. Full of color, illustrations and excellent dog photos, this is a rare… wait for it… breed of pup mag.

Direct from the publisher, I have issue 4: the Pomeranian. Come see! Bi-Annual, UK, $18.00

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Expand your Mind, Refine your Wardrobe

Are YOU Chap? This publication is so cool! A small indie out of the UK, it celebrates those who appreciate the timeless, classic qualities of a fine linen three-piece suit, mustache wax, and tweed. If you tend toward trousers and fedoras, always hold the door for a lady, and wouldn’t consider wearing plimsolls except on the tennis court or cricket field, you are, most definitely, Chap. Filled with gents - and ladies - who are chap, but also interviews, columns - don’t miss The Butler - and essays on the people and places that comprise the history of classic British panache, this publication is thoroughly entertaining. A rare find on this side of the Pond, yet fits quite nicely into our quirky Portland style. Don’t miss it! Quarterly, UK, $10.00

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