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Slightly Foxed

The Real Reader’s Quarterly

Slightly Foxed, the title referencing the brownish tinge old books sometimes get (called foxing), is a British publication about old - or should I say mature - and often out of print books, but also the stories and authors behind them. Does that sound a bit quirky? Oh, it definitely is, in a very British way, but it is also heavenly if you love books, especially old ones.

Indeed, this is a lovely little publication! It has ivory acid-free paper, intricate pencil illustrations, and is laid out like a book (of course) with a table of contents, chapters and bibliography. Just like that treasure you found hiding in the stacks of a used bookstore, Slightly Foxed is quite a rare find in the US, so get it while you can! Take it home, pour yourself a cuppa, find a comfy chair, and enjoy. Quarterly, UK, $15.00

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The Happy Reader
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Far Ride

Documenting Cycling Journeys Around the World

Far Ride is a gorgeous, photo-heavy publication that takes us on cycling trips far and wide. Published from Seoul, Korea, with hefty, art-quality paper and an elegant layout, this one simply feels different. Trips could be on the back roads of Korea, across the open plains of East Asia, or into the unknown lands of Africa. Photo essays, long personal stories, and interviews with riders and dreamers keep us absorbed and intrigued from front cover to the final page. Small print runs and self-distribution make this one rare, so grab it while you can. Tri-Annual, South Korea, $23.00

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This food journal covers one city or region per issue, with style and substance. Spending time, doing research and interviewing whoever is influencing the food scene, whether they are chefs, restaurateurs, bakers, even growers, gives the publication the ability to peel back the layers of the region, showing the food community and its inhabitants from an insider’s perspective. Lovingly put together, with photos that are intimate and compelling, hefty paper and 150+ pages, including a list of restaurants etc. in the back, this is a keeper. Annual, US, $19.00

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Little U

Creativity for the Young at Heart

This adorable, tiny publication by Uppercase is for those that love crafts and crafting, with a bent towards the young and young at heart. For kids and adults, this pocket sized publication is filled with hundreds of pages of crafts and artists who create. Everything is included, from paper to knitting, dolls - nesting and soft - to quilts, books to pencils, interspersed with interviews of adult artists and their kids. This is the first issue of Little U, but Janine VanGool, says it won’t be the last! Created with help from her son, Finley, and lots of contributors and friends, it is a pint-sized package that is as tasty as a pint of ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Take a peek! Occasional, Canada, $24.00

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Cherry Bombe

Bright and exuberant, this bi-annual publication out of Brooklyn is a celebration of women and their place in the world of food. From chefs to start-up food entrepreneurs, cookbook authors to restaurant owners, famous or not-yet-famous, Cherry Bombe celebrates all these women and more. In each lengthy issue, you might find interviews with food icons, riffs on women making it in professional kitchens, or the story behind how a woman restaurateur got her start. Full of fun, without any fluff, it is one of the best of today’s modern independent publications. Bi-Annual, US, $20.00

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Stories of Modern Business

Courier is a magazine for people making their way in today’s modern, entrepreneurial, startup and gig economy. Stories cover everything from how to upscale and how to fail, to the affordability of coworking space, to successful management of small teams, to financing your startup. Short pithy insights from successful entrepreneurs, long pieces on modern business success stories, and lots of advice, insight and interesting tidbits fill each 150+ page issue. From tech to retail, manufacturing to services, whatever your gig, there is something in here that speaks to your chosen path. Great stuff, totally unstuffy. Take a look! Bi-monthly, UK, $9.00

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Kyoto Journal

Insights from Asia

I am honored and thrilled to be able to offer this publication. Kyoto Journal is celebrating 30 years of publication, but after some years as digital-only, it has recently come back as a print publication. And I have to say, this must be experienced in print! Kyoto is at the center of a story that illuminates the ancient culture of Japan and its region, which includes Korea and China. Whether it is on traditional craftsmen maintaining a centuries old tradition, a travel diary from the Meiji era, or an essay on a particular aspect of life in modern Kyoto, each piece is elegant, timeless and meticulously crafted, each issue a complete package. This is something to keep and treasure, something you will go back to time and again. Rare in the US, so don’t miss it! Quarterly, Japan, in English, $16.50

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Legendary Indie Nerd Bible

This long-established indie music mag - very zine-like - has been around for ages, off and on, sort of as a cult thing. Musically connected and locally made by a small group of women, it is packed with interviews and reviews of artists such as themselves - underground, independent-minded musicians doing it their way. And made right here in Portland! For this issue - possibly the last - they fulfilled a dream, to finally interview the mysterious musician Kendra Smith. If you are a fan of either, you should not miss this. 2018 edition, US, $12.00

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The Magazine for Makers, Doers and Dreamers

This cozy magazine published out of Vermont is filled with crafting, homesteading ideas and personal stories. Each themed issue is divided into three sections - Head, Hands and Heart. Within, you find explorations on life and home, family and nature, crafting and creating. You might read how to tap a maple tree for syrup, or discover a knitting pattern, or a fruit-infused shrub recipe, or learn how to weave a rag rug. Stories might be of people’s encounters with their neighbors across the field and fence, or the personal struggles building a house or farm, or of sharing a project that takes many hands to complete. A nice size, with earthy colors, and packed with art, projects and love, this is one to relish, keep and share. Bi-monthly, US, $12.00

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