The City Reader is a retro idea with a thoroughly modern twist.

Opening in the fall of 2013, The City Reader features the best in independent publishing from across the world. With a range of publications that cover the gamut from architecture to fashion, current events to world travel, creativity to literature, the selection covers a broad collection of interests that belies its diminutive size. I am always on the hunt for the next great independent publication; as a result, my highly curated selection is constantly changing, with new things arriving frequently.

Magazines today are thriving, thanks to the wealth of creative people who have discovered, or rediscovered, the beauty of print. Independently published titles are at the forefront of this new and vibrant scene. The City Reader offers the best of this new wave, with a selection that is thoughtfully chosen for quality in both its editorial content and its physical package. 

The size may be small, but the selection is great!

As a lifelong lover of the printed word, magazines have been keeping me informed, entertained and enchanted since my mother got me my first issue of Cricket as a little girl. Born and raised in Chicago IL, I have been selling print my entire adult life. The City Reader is the result of my love of print, and Portland's lack of newsstands. Now we have one, and it carries only the best, for this great city we call home.

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Karin, Proprietor


The City Reader

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